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<DIR>   1992
         -> Clinton-Gore
            -> CLINTON-GORE ON CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM.ascii.txt.utf-8.txt
            -> CLINTON-GORE ON ISSUES OF CONCERN TO VETERANS.ascii.txt.utf-8.txt (more in 'Clinton-Gore'...)
<DIR>   Al Gore
         -> The Information Superhighways of Tomorrow by Albert Gore.ascii.txt.utf-8.txt
         -> Against
            -> Why I Totally Oppose Al Gore as Candidate for, Vice-President of United States of America (1992).ascii.txt.utf-8.txt
<DIR>   Net Neutrality
         -> FCC-15-24A1 In the Matter of Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet (March 12, 2015).pdf
<DIR>   Trade
         -> The Japan-American Trade War.cp437.txt.png
         -> The Japan-American Trade War.cp437.txt.utf-8.txt
<DIR>   US Deficit
         -> How to Solve the Deficit and Debt Problems in One Easy Lesson.ascii.txt.utf-8.txt