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<DIR>   ..
<DIR>   html
<DIR>   misc, USB consortium data and test files
<DIR>   pdf
<DIR>   pdf, analysis and study
<DIR>   pdf, audio class
<DIR>   pdf, common class
<DIR>   pdf, communucations class
<DIR>   pdf, content security
<DIR>   pdf, debug device
<DIR>   pdf, device driver specification
<DIR>   pdf, device microcontroller
<DIR>   pdf, DFU Device Firmware Upgrade
<DIR>   pdf, electrical testing
<DIR>   pdf, engineering change notices
<DIR>   pdf, errata
<DIR>   pdf, general
<DIR>   pdf, guidelines
<DIR>   pdf, hardware connector design specification
<DIR>   pdf, hardware device design specification
<DIR>   pdf, host controller specification
<DIR>   pdf, host controller testing
<DIR>   pdf, human interface device class
<DIR>   pdf, IrDA devices
<DIR>   pdf, mass storage class
<DIR>   pdf, midi device class
<DIR>   pdf, monitor class
<DIR>   pdf, Open Arcade Architecture devices
<DIR>   pdf, physical interface class
<DIR>   pdf, printing device class
<DIR>   pdf, smart cards
<DIR>   pdf, terminal class
<DIR>   pdf, testing