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<DIR>   SN76489 - Digital complex sound generator
         -> html
            -> Texas_Instruments_SN76489.htm
         -> pdf
            -> Texas Instruments SN76489AN Digital Complex Sound Generator.pdf
         -> scan, tiff (more in 'SN76489 - Digital complex sound generator'...)
            -> SN76489_03.tif
            -> SN76489_09.tif (more in 'scan, tiff'...)
<DIR>   SN76489 - FM synthesizer
         -> html
            -> Texas_Instruments_SN76489.htm
         -> scan, tiff
            -> SN76489.txt
            -> SN76489_02.tif (more in 'scan, tiff'...)
<DIR>   SN76496 - Noise and Tone generator
         -> pdf
            -> Texas Instruments SN7694, SN7694A, SN76496, SN76496A Programmable Tone Noise Generator.pdf
<DIR>   TMS9918 - Video Display Processor
         -> pdf
            -> TMS9918.pdf
FILE    PC16550D Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter with FIFO, Texas Instruments (SNLS378B) (1995).pdf (391.150KB)