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FILE    Design Guide for the Control of ESD in the eSATA Interface (May 2006).pdf (944.674KB)
FILE    eSATA - the Optimal Interface for External Storage (February 4, 2009).pdf (774.224KB)
FILE    Fast Just Got Faster - SATA 6Gbs (May 27, 2009).pdf (191.747KB)
FILE    How_to_select_the_right_connector_and_cable_01_30_2007.pdf (1.751MB)
FILE    Implementing Staggered Spin Up v1.0 (September 2004).pdf (102.232KB)
FILE    NCQ for Power Efficiency whitepaper (February 2006).pdf (101.853KB)
FILE    SATA Power Management - It’s Good to Be Green (April 8, 2009).pdf (185.791KB)
FILE    SATA Revision 3.0 Press Release, Chinese (final).pdf (160.416KB)
FILE    SATA-IO Chinese Brochure (May 2009).pdf (1.794MB)
FILE    Silicon Image External SATA Whitepaper (November 2009).pdf (514.383KB)
FILE    Successful SATA 6 Gbs Equipment Design and Development by Chris Cicchetti, Finisar (5-14-2009).pdf (2.223MB)
FILE    The Path from 3Gbs to 6Gbs - How to Migrate Current Designs to SATA v3.0 (May 27, 2009).pdf (221.395KB)