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<DIR>   7z (archive)
<DIR>   AIFF, Audio Interchange File Format
<DIR>   AMR, Adaptive MultiRate
<DIR>   ARC (archive)
<DIR>   Arkive (archive)
<DIR>   AVI, Audio Video Interleave (multimedia, based on RIFF)
<DIR>   CAB, Microsoft CABinet compressed archive (archive)
<DIR>   CAF, Apple Core Audio Format (audio)
<DIR>   CAF, Core Audio Format
<DIR>   IFF, Interchange Format Files (general)
<DIR>   LZH, LHA (archive)
<DIR>   LZMA (compression)
<DIR>   MacBinary (archive)
<DIR>   Matroska (general)
<DIR>   MPEG, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 systems layer (audio, video)
<DIR>   MPEG-4 systems layer
<DIR>   Nullsoft Streaming Video
<DIR>   QuickTime (multimedia)
<DIR>   RealPlayer (multimedia)
<DIR>   RIFF, Resource Interchange File Format (general)
<DIR>   VOC, Creative Voice (audio)
<DIR>   WAV (audio)
<DIR>   WebM (video, audio)
<DIR>   Windows Compound Storage Container (general)
<DIR>   Windows Imaging File Format (WIM)
<DIR>   Windows Media (multimedia)
<DIR>   XZ (compression)
<DIR>   ZIP, PKZIP compressed archive (archive)
<DIR>   ZOO (archive)