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<DIR>   audio
         -> MLP Lossless
            -> MLP Overview.pdf
         -> AC-3
            -> SEE ALSO - ATSC A-52 Digital Audio Compression Standard.txt
         -> MPEG audio (more in 'audio'...)
            -> html
            -> pdf (more in 'MPEG audio'...)
<DIR>   video
         -> VC-1
            -> MPEG LA Announces Plan for Joint VC-9 Patent License (04-03-26).pdf
            -> VC-9 Compressed Video Bitstream Format and Decoding Process (Proposed) (2004-03-31).pdf (more in 'VC-1'...)
         -> H.265
         -> Dirac (more in 'video'...)
            -> Dirac Specification v2.2.3 (September 23, 2008).pdf