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<DIR>   ..
         -> reference
            -> AES Known Answer Test (KAT) Vectors.zip
         -> source
            -> aes.c
            -> aes.h (more in 'source'...)
         -> swf, animation (more in 'AES'...)
            -> rijndael_ingles2004.swf
         -> text
            -> The Encryption and PGP tutorial by tHe mAnIaC (1999).ascii.txt.utf-8.txt
            -> FROM CROSSBOWS TO CRYPTOGRAPHY: THWARTING THE STATE VIA TECHNOLOGY.ascii.txt.utf-8.txt (more in 'text'...)
<DIR>   RC5
         -> source code
            -> rc5-cbc.c
            -> null.c (more in 'source code'...)
         -> pdf
            -> The Rc5 Encryption Algorithm - Ronald L Rivest.pdf
         -> source code
            -> rsa.c
            -> rsaref.c (more in 'source code'...)
         -> pdf
            -> High Speed Fpga Implementation Of Rsa Encryption Algorithm.pdf
            -> RSA Encryption Algorithm in a Nut Shell.pdf (more in 'pdf'...)
<DIR>   RSA SecurID
         -> Initial Cryptanalysis of the RSA SecurID Algorithm.pdf
<DIR>   Vernam Cipher
         -> html
            -> Gilbert_Vernam.htm
            -> One-time_pad.htm (more in 'html'...)
         -> text
            -> A Guide to Vernam OTP Encryption Without A Computer (September 2008).ascii.txt.utf-8.txt