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<DIR>   ADFS, Acorn's Advanced Disc Filing System (Acorn)
         -> Acorn 8-Bit ADFS Filesystem Structure.ascii.txt.utf-8.txt
<DIR>   EXT, Extended Filesystem (Linux)
         -> Ext4
         -> Ext2
<DIR>   FAT, File Allocation Table (DOS, Windows)
         -> html
         -> pdf
<DIR>   FATX, File Allocation Table (X-Box)
         -> Differences_between_Xbox_FATX_and_MS-DOS_FAT.htm
         -> THE XBOX HARD DRIVE (FATX description).htm
<DIR>   HFS, Hierarchical FileSystem (Apple Macintosh)
         -> HFS Plus
         -> HFS
<DIR>   HPFS, High Performance File System (OS2)
         -> zip
         -> html, Inside the HPFS Filesystem
<DIR>   ISO 9660 (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM)
         -> html
         -> pdf
         -> text (more in 'ISO 9660 (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM)'...)
<DIR>   NTFS, Windows NT Filesystem (Windows)
         -> wikipedia
         -> boot sector
         -> html, ntfsdoc-0.5 (more in 'NTFS, Windows NT Filesystem (Windows)'...)
<DIR>   UDF, Universal Disc Format (CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, some hard drives)
         -> Ecma-167 Volume and File Structure for WORMedia using Non-Sequential Recording.pdf
         -> Secure UDF specification v1.00.pdf
         -> UDF specification v1.02.pdf (more in 'UDF, Universal Disc Format (CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, some hard drives)'...)