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<DIR>   Data interchange
         -> Edit Decision Lists
<DIR>   DVD Video
         -> DVD VM command formats.pdf
<DIR>   File systems
         -> FATX, File Allocation Table (X-Box)
            -> Differences_between_Xbox_FATX_and_MS-DOS_FAT.htm
            -> THE XBOX HARD DRIVE (FATX description).htm (more in 'FATX, File Allocation Table (X-Box)'...)
         -> HPFS, High Performance File System (OS2)
            -> zip
            -> html, Inside the HPFS Filesystem (more in 'HPFS, High Performance File System (OS2)'...)
         -> ISO 9660 (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM) (more in 'File systems'...)
            -> html
            -> pdf (more in 'ISO 9660 (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM)'...)
<DIR>   Partition tables
         -> MS-DOS
            -> Master_boot_record.htm
         -> Apple Macintosh
            -> Driver Descriptor Record.htm
            -> Apple SCSI manager - Partition map.htm (more in 'Apple Macintosh'...)
         -> Windows NT Logical Disk Manager (more in 'Partition tables'...)
            -> html, ldmdoc
         -> Common RAID Disk Data Format (DDF) v1.2 with Errata incorporated (August 29, 2007).pdf
         -> Common RAID Disk Data Format (DDF) v1.2 (July 28, 2006).pdf
         -> Common RAID Disk Data Format (DDF) v2.0 rev 19 (March 27, 2009).pdf (more in 'RAID'...)