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<DIR>   Double-byte code pages
         -> Korean
            -> OLD5601.TXT
            -> KSX1001.TXT (more in 'Korean'...)
         -> ShiftJIS (Japanese)
            -> text, Unicode consortium
         -> Other (more in 'Double-byte code pages'...)
            -> CNS11643.TXT
         -> ECMA-043 8-Bit Coded Character Set Structure and Rules.pdf
         -> ECMA-006 7-Bit coded Character Set.pdf
         -> ECMA-035 Character Code Structure and Extension Techniques.pdf (more in 'ECMA'...)
<DIR>   Single-byte code pages
         -> text, Unicode consortium
            -> ISO-8859
            -> Misc (more in 'text, Unicode consortium'...)
         -> text
            -> ASCII (as defined in ANSI standard X3.4).ascii.txt.utf-8.txt
            -> IBM PC Special Characters.cp437.txt.png (more in 'text'...)
<DIR>   Unicode
         -> zip
            -> UCD.zip
            -> Unihan.zip (more in 'zip'...)
         -> html
            -> tr34-7.html
            -> tr29-13.html (more in 'html'...)
         -> html, test pages (more in 'Unicode'...)
            -> UTF-8 test page.htm
<DIR>   Unicode, compressed
         -> Binary_Ordered_Compression_for_Unicode.htm
         -> Standard_Compression_Scheme_for_Unicode.htm
<DIR>   Unicode, UTF and UCS encodings
         -> UTF-8.htm
         -> UCS-4.htm
         -> UTF-9_and_UTF-18.htm (more in 'Unicode, UTF and UCS encodings'...)