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<DIR>   Fantasy
         -> Irish Fairy Tales, James Stephens
<DIR>   Hardware
         -> 802.11 wireless
         -> CCS PICs
<DIR>   Other
         -> The Cheshire Catalyst.pdf
         -> Homer, Odyssey (Orange Street).pdf
         -> Homer, Iliad (Orange Street).pdf (more in 'Other'...)
<DIR>   Programming
         -> html
         -> pdf
         -> chm (more in 'Programming'...)
<DIR>   Project Gutenberg
         -> Logic by Carveth Read
         -> Earliest Arthmetics in English - The
         -> Theory of Numbers, The - R. D. Carmichael (more in 'Project Gutenberg'...)
FILE    Basic for PIC Microcontrollers.PDF (1.352MB)
FILE    Bastard Operator From Hell, The Complete Edition by James Edwards (September 5, 2000).pdf (1.176MB)
FILE    Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java + source code - 2002.tar.xz (849.456KB)
FILE    Visual Basic 6 Black Book.pdf (5.550MB)