COOl keWl ko0l qUEwl COooL K00l koOl C00l kuewL KcO0l cO0l kooL KEwL
     cOOl kEwL KO0l QUEWl cOooL K00l kOoL C00l KUEWl KCO0l cO0l KooL KEwL
     COoL KeWl ko0l -------------------------------------- Co0L KOOl Kewl
     COOl KEWl kO0l !       tHE HIPpiE DiPPy KlUB        ! cO0l KoOl keWL
     COoL KewL kO0l !             PreEZEntZ:             ! CO0l koOL KeWl
     cOOl keWl ko0l !                                    ! CO0L KOol kEWl
     Cool kEwl KO0L !      MOre oN ThE GeM of An AC      ! cO0L kOoL Kewl
     CooL kEwL kO0L !    wE lIke TO CALl 514/moNtREal    ! Co0L KOOl kEwl
     coOl kewl KO0l !         L0seR t0wN paRt 2          ! cO0L kOOL kEWl
     cooL kEWL ko0l -------------------------------------- CO0L KOOl KEWl
     CooL kEwL kO0L QuEWL COOoL K00l kooL C00l KUewL kco0L co0L KOoL kewL
     cOOl kEWl kO0l qUeWL cOOol K00L kool C00l kUEwL kCo0l CO0L KOol kEwL

     WArNIng (rEaD thIS aSShOLE): woNdERing WHo WrItES THIs? It sTARts
     WIth "M", enDS witH "X", anD has "ECHANI" IN BetWeen. FIGureD iT OuT
     YEt? nO? WeLl LeT'S TRY tHIS agAiN. M + ECHANI + X = MECHANIX. bOY,
     That waS Hard WaSn't iT? bY tHe way, tHis fiLE CONtaiNS aNSi cOdes.
     PLEasE Type it fRoM dOs.

     - Part W0nE - a nOte AbOuT tHe FormAt:

    bEfoRe we StARt on diS isSUE, LEt mE TAlK a LITtLe ABoUT dIS seRIES
 KNoWN as ThE HiPpie diPpY KLuB PhilEs. fiRST off tHE NAMe HiPpIe DiPPY IS An
 iNsidE JokE BEtweEN a few OF da BeTtER BbseRS IN 514 (yeS tHeRE ArE a Few OF
 ThEM). thAT'S alL derE is, IF you dON'T gET The jOke, It's becaUSe yOU
 PROBabLY doN't DesERve tO. i'M N0t hIPPie, and I sURE as HELl AM Not DIpPY.
 Next, a LoT of you doN'T likE THE wRItTInG. DO YoU THInk I Spend HoURS
 PREsSINg mY sHift KeY To wrITe LiKE thiS? hEll n0. I jUst HavE A SmalL
 PrOGRAm Dat RandOmIZes tHE kAps on anD OfF. sO i nEVeR KNow wHAt DIS cRAp
 wiLL TurN 0ut LIkE. dA oNlY ExCePti0n is DA QUoTES Or CAptUReS. DEY Are LeFt
 IN tHEre 0riginAL foRm, UnM0DIFIed, UNtoUcHed. So IF yOu cAN'T sTAnD tO reaD
 DIS, thEN dOn't, we doN'T care. NExT, pe0plE have beEN WoNDEWiNG WHy DeY enD
 up iN DEeSE fiLEs. well Dis iS tO ExP0SE all DA st0OPid THINgS ThaT
 FIvEonEFOUr bBSErs d0. if yOu are MEntIONneD iN DIs, you desErvE it. so
 basiCaLly, DIs is JUSt a WAY FoR sEwiOuS 514 BbserS to MAKE PHuN aNd
 rIdicULIzE THe f00ls Out ThErE, soMEThiNg theY Do To DEmSeLVEs Very WELL
 ALREAdY. so WHat'S dA DIFFeRence BETWeeN HDK And LOsers 'R' uS? I kNew Y0U
 WoUld AsK thaT. WEll HDK IS SuPp0sed TO BE fuNNy, amuSIng. iT aLSo Is 100%
 TRUe, and no InFORMatiON hAS BEeN inVentEd oR MuTIlAtED. alTh0ugH My
 PErsoNnAL opinIOns GET A LIttLE CarrIED awAy s0mEtIMeS, iT sTIll remaINS
 bAsEd on 100% LEgitImAtE fACts. As for L0SeRs 'R' Us, IT's JUST A CoLLECTI0N
 oF lIes And INsults. SaMe goeS FoR cumdiGgER, A vErY pITtIfUL ATTempt T0 GeT
 bAck aT mE. diS IS Y i am Signing dA FuTurE weLeASEs O' HDK, whY Don't alL
 YOU 0ther iDI0Ts dO dA SAME?

 ------*&^%$#@!!@#$%^&* Kall K0dEz KavE For keWL k0DEz *&^%$#@!!@#$%^&*-------

     - pART t0o - InTw0DUCTIOn:

    DIS iSSue COnTaINS loT's o' craP anD cAPTUrEs FwoM da VarIOuS boArds oUt
 Dere IN 514. aRtIcleS INcluDE: JameS dAhaN, HaCKiNg/PhReaking iN FivEoNEfoUR,
 morE SHiT On TnT, anD BOARD ReVIEwS (0H N0!). But FIwst, hErE'S da weal
 dAFINit0N OF WhAt HiPpie DIppy IS:

    hipPiE DiPpy IS NOT A GRoUp, not a kLuB, nOt a bOaRd, not A LOW-FaT dieT.
 iT'S moRe tHaN all DiS. IT'S A statE OF mind, A pOliTiCaL AS WELL As
 mEnsTrUaL incLINatiOn. IT REPrESENTZ Da vErY BEst OF DA TEleComMUniCatIon
 worLd, DA GREaTeSt mInds, dA bEST iDEas. IT'S da ETHErAL PRoJECtioN of 0ur
 SOUL AmOnG THE AsTrAL WOrLD OF CybersPace. tO beCUM hIPpIE dIPpY requIres
 yeARs Of l0Ng, hARD, STRENUoUs, kiCKmYFUcKInGasScAUSeiAMbOReD tRaiNING. YoU
 mUsT Be pwEparED TO fAce the GReateSt cHAllEnges, HaCk THe TUFFEsT SystEMS,
 phReaK WHIlE BuRried TweLVE FeET UnDeR In An ISoLATed beLl manholE (WiThoUt
 THat stUPid Fan), and m0st OF alL, you MuST BEAT The FuCK oUt Of eveRy WaNNa
 BE HIppiE DiPPy. YoU MUst 0bTAIn And Mem0rise eVERY bellcore AnD at&t
 TeCHNiCAl MANuAL eVer PRynTed, AS WelL as KN0W EVery c0MMaND oF eveRY
 opeRatINg SYSTum You WIlL EVeR eNc0UNTER. you must KNOW wHat Is thA sUppa
 sEKRUT L0catION OF SUmmErcON '92, yoU must be On EVerY IRC cHat eveWy DaY,
 y0U MUST Run aLlIAnces 25 h0urS A day, you mUSt PICK yOUR ass Wit SALaD
 ThonGs. You mUST Be ETHiCaLlY WArPEd, buT in thE RIGHt wAY, HAVE a sENsE Of
 DiSgUsT t0wARds policiES And aUtHORitY, YOu MUST KnOw THE MENTOR'S HAckEr
 manIfeSTo bY hEARt, as WElL As bEiNg aBle tO ReciTe iT upSIdE dOwN, aND In
 SWAhIlI. Y0u mUst sTEaL BELl vANS, ANd DrIvE dem aroUND To ANnoY bELL
 LInemaN. YoU must Be Able TO takE apART anD ReASSEmBLe a hANDsEt whIlE
 blInFolDeD AnD HAving yOUR FEEt GNAwEd oN by UGlY, dIrtY, WAreZWoLVEs. Y0u
 mUsT Be aBlE tO SimuLaTe DtMf ToNEs WHIlE WHiStling oR fartIng (yOuR CHOicE),
 AnD bE able tO tRUnK A lInE WItH a burP. AnD Lastly, If yOu belIEveD anY Of
 thE abOvE, You'rE A totAL m0r0N. i waS JokinG dIp sHit.

 ---------!@#$%^&**&^%$#@! we bReW it, yoU sM0Ke iT !@#$%^&**&^%$#@!----------

     - paRt TReE - ofF tHE T0p:

    WeLl, Bef0rE we geT staRtED, I G0T DiS off S0mE LoCAl bOaRd.

        █████▓▓▓▓▓▓▒                 ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒         ▓▓▓▒▒██▓▒▒▒
      ██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒              ▓▓▓▒     █▓▓▓▓      █▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒
      █▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒            ██▓      ███  ▓▓█▓▓▓            ▒▒
     ██▓▒▒▓▓▒▒▒▓▒▒▒▒███▓       ██    ▓▓               ▒▒
    ██▓▓▒█▓▒█▒▒▒▒██▓▓██           ▓▓          ▒▒▒▒
    █▓▓▓▒█▓▒█▒▒▒███▓▓          █▓          ██▓▒▒▒
   ██▓▓▒▒█▓▒█▒▒▒      ▓▓▓▒       █▓▒▒▒▒▒██▓
   █▓▓▓▒█▓▒█▒▒██         ▒▒▒     █▓█▓▓▓▓▒      ▓▒
  ██▓▓▒▒█▓▒██▒▒                     █▓           ▓▒
  █▓▓▒██▓▒█▒▒▒     ▓▒         ▒▒     █▓           ▓▒
  █▓▒▒█▓▒█▒▒▒██            ▓▒▒      █▓█▓           ▓▒
  █▓▒█▓▒█▒▒██▓▓▒▒▓▓▓        █▓█▓▓▓▓▓▒▒      ▓▒
  █▓▓█▓▒█▒▒     ███▓▓▒▒▒ ██▓          █▓█▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▓▒

           ██▓              ███▓        ████▓
            ██▓                █▓      ██▓                   ██████▓
             █▓                █▓      █▓                    █▓
   █████▓    █▓                █▓      █▓                    █▓
  ██▓   ██▓  █▓        ████▓   ██▓    ██▓                   ██▓            ████▓
 ██▓      █▓ █▓      ███▓ ███▓  █▓    █▓                    █▓             █▓ ██
██▓          █▓      █▓     ██▓ █▓    █▓ ██████▓   ██▓  █▓  █▓       ███▓  █▓  █
█▓           █▓      █▓      █▓ █▓    █▓ █▓   ███▓ ██▓  █▓  █▓      ██▓    █▓  █
█▓           █▓      █▓      █▓ █▓    █▓██▓        ███▓ █▓ ██▓     ██▓     █▓  █
████▓        █▓      █▓      █▓ █▓    █▓█▓         █▓██▓█▓ █▓      █▓      ██▓██
  ████▓      █▓      █▓      █▓ █▓    █▓█▓         █▓ █▓█▓ █▓      █▓      ████▓
     ████▓   █▓      ██▓     █▓  █▓  █▓ █▓ ████▓   █▓ █▓█▓ █▓      █▓  ██▓ ██▓
        ██▓ ██▓       █▓█████▓   █▓  █▓ ████▓      █▓ ███▓ █▓      █▓ ██▓  ███▓
         █▓ █▓        ███   █▓   █▓  █▓ █▓         █▓  ██▓██▓      ████▓   ████▓
         █▓ █▓        █▓    █▓   █▓  █▓ █▓         █▓  ██▓█▓    ██▓█▓      █▓ ██
█▓      ██▓ █▓       ██▓     ██▓ █▓  █▓ █▓         █▓   █▓██▓ ███▓ █▓      █▓  █
██▓    ██▓ ██▓       █▓       █▓ █▓  █▓ █▓  ████▓  █▓   █▓ █▓   █▓ █▓      █▓  █
 ██▓ ███   █▓ ███▓   █▓        █▓ ████▓ █▓███▓███▓ █▓   █▓ ███▓ █▓ █▓███▓  █▓  █
  ████▓    ████▓███▓██▓        █▓ ███▓  ███▓    ██▓█▓   █▓   ████▓ ███▓██▓ █▓  █

         I'm looking for any groups needing some ANSI maker, if your

            interested by my service, send me a WAC on this board.

                                                Master Slavenger


 -------------*&^%$#@!!@#$%^&* tnT RuLEZ! n0t! *&^%$#@!!@#$%^&*---------------

     - PaRT f0r - cAn iT be tWue:

    F0R aLl Y0u YOyOs whO don'T know YEt, TErRoR 'n' TORMEntS, fIVEoneFOuR'S
 ALL ArOuNd wiNNER For wANNAbe l0Ser Boards, Is fiNallY oUT 0F BUsinesS. GoNe
 F0R EVEr We H0pE. WHy, i doN't kNow, nOr D0 i cAre, buT DA NUmbEr
 514-965-7166 iS n0w oUT of sERvICe. let's H0Pe we neveR heAr FRom Sgt.
 RAtTLebRead eVEr AGaIn. diS guy wAS Da L0SeR suprEmE oF 514. hE st0Le vmBs
 FROm OtHEr BBSers, AnD if dAt WaSEN'T lAmE enUff, He Got DA WHoLe vMB SYSTEM
 cRaShED by lEaViNg ST00pid mEsSAGeS wit nIRvaNa CraP plAyiNG iN dA
 bacKgROUND. l0SER. anYwaYz, IT'S dEad, Let's HOPE iT sTAYs DaT WAY.

 --------!@#$%^&**&^%$#@! JoiN ThE NeW Gwoup: K.K.K. !@#$%^&**&^%$#@!---------

     - ParT FYVE - MORe B0ARdS WISHiNG F0R DeaTH:

    wiT Da DisSAPEaRENCe oF TnT, Dis stilL LEavEs QUiTE a feW l0seR "waNNabE
 H/P" BoArDS Ar0Und. ALl the boArDS MeNtIONnEd BeLOw COnsidEr tHEMslevES h/P
 suppOrT. bUt n0ne of thE SysoPS kNOW anYThINg aboUT haCKInG oR pHreAKING.
 tHEy jUsT CoLLECt ViRUSES (Of Which M0sT are Tr0janS oR TexT FiLES, oR W0Rse)
 AnD P0st St00pID mEsSAGES LIke "DO yoU haVe A PBX... Do YOu have A NuI...".

 - iLLuSiON                     - sYSop: AXL-ROsE (akA: DeATH)
 - sHoUT AT tHe dEVil           - SysOp: PsYcHiC DEMON (aKa: hoTMAn)
 - TUnNElS Of DarKNESS          - SYSop: telePAThiC slAYEr (AkA: chaiNmASTEr)

    iF i'Ve miSseD Any 0f the 0Ther l0SER boarDS OuT ThERe, i'M soRrY, I jUSt
 D0N'T have the tIME To CHecK y0u ALl OUt. sO iF yoU cAll Y0uRsElVeS "h/P
 suPPoRt", I wILL checK Y0U Out, ANd iF YOu sucK (Like all THE aBOve) i WIL D0
 alL IN mY P0Wer TO gEt rid of y0U. it jUSt GiVEs a BAd rEpUtATiOn tO
 fiVEonefOur. If you MEAn h/p sUppOrT, THen At LeasT kNOw What da hell yOU Are
 TaLkIng AbOUT. N0TICE How ALl 0f tHE abovE sYSOps seEm to nEed To chaNGE
 tHere ALiaS eVeRy 6 MONThS. aND DA ab0VE LiST DOESn't inCluDE thE OThER
 BoARdS WIt dA cOMpLEtELY USELESs/dead "h/p sECtion". sO WhY dO ThEse SYSTUms
 sUck? I'Ll rUn It D0wn one MorE tIMe iN casE You ARe A COMpletE VegetABle.

 a: tHe SYSOpS Don't kNow THe FIrST THiNg abOuT H/P.
 b: eVen tHE k-k00L K0DeZ Are aBouT 2 M0NTHS oLd.
 c: iNValiD dRIVe spECIFicATIoN.
 d: LACK of Any InFoRMaTion whatsOeVeR, N0T TO mEnTioN thE laCK oF GOOD useRS.
 e: DAt'S abOUt It.

    derE'S aNOTHeR BOARD I was gOing t0 pUt IN Da aBoVe lIST, BUt i'D rAder
 Sh0W Y0u a CapTure OF a chaT BEtWEEn dA sYSuP (WHITE NINJA) aND wat hE
 ThoUgHT WAS aN Ld cALlEr FRoM TexaS, me. mY COMMeNTs BetWeen bwackeTs "[ ]".

 8<---CUT HERE----------------------------------------------------------------

 WN: White Ninja
 MX: Mechanix

 WN> Hello!

 MX> Yep

 WN> Hmm... you are calling from.. ?

 MX> texas bud... what's taking so long with my val?
 [ Sorry for the shitty spelling, I was to busy cracking up. ]

 WN> Hmmmmmmmm....I can't check out ld callers.. .anyways.. wait..You are
 WN> using PBXs?
 [ Obviously to cheap to pay 30 cents, and to dumb to phreak. ]

 MX> Yep. can't you phreak? Anybody can call ld.

 WN> I know, but anyways.. I don't phreak anymore, I have been under
 WN> surveillance and I don't want to get into trouble..
 [ Interresting: under surveillance? ]

 MX> Surveillance by who?

 WN> Companies, and Bell..
 [ Right, sure... And they call me batman. ]

 MX> For abusing PBXes?

 WN> Yep... and don't forget, most of them are getting Call Retracers...
 WN> anyways... I was a hacker.. and.. hehehehe.. so. But I'm not in H/P
 WN> anymore.. i'm a programmer now.. (a good, not a bad. hehe)
 [ That's call tracers, or clid, not retracers. Duh, hick bah goo goo. ]

 MX> Did you have a diffenrent alias before?

 WN> Dan..

 MX> Hmm, and were you an ok hacker? What systems do you enjoy hacking?

 WN> Yes, I was not a "bad" hacker.. I was hacking only boards with stupid
 WN> sysops.. These guys who try to.. hmm.. (I'm not very good in english
 WN> hehehee).. to shit on other people hehehehe
 [ Well people who shit on other people usually have a sexual disorder. I
   don't think that's what he wanted to say. But that's crashing, no? ]

 MX> That's not hacking, that's crashing.

 WN> .No.. I was hacking some boards.. There wass a war anywayss.

 MX> ok, later

 WN> later?
 [ Obviously an explanation is needed, as his little hacker brain cannot
   comprehend that I wanted to get the hell out of there. ]

 MX> bye

 WN> why?

 MX> Well you want to keep chatting?

 WN> hehehe.. hmmmmmmmm.... well, texas.. hmmmmmmmmmmm..where is it?
 WN> fsd;kihuafdio;uhfd;akhu i forgot....%$#
 [ Dug, goonygoogoo, blah hmmmpf, grr. White Ninja dialect. ]

 MX> Texas. Area code 713. Houston to be exact
 [ Well you have to lie a little to get your point accross. ]

 WN> Hmm yeah.. did you ever go in quebec?

 MX> Hmm, canada? No never

 WN> Heheh yes.. I'm french.. but I speak english a little.. (I go in florida
 WN> each year...hehee)

 MX> Yes, FL, not bad. Anyways, so this 514 ac is in canada right?

 WN> Yep... Quebec.. hehee... Canada...
 [ Hehee, hahaa, hoho... A little to much beer maybe? ]

 MX> Ok, well are there many good h/p boards in this ac, I mean, are there a
 MX> a lot of boards worth calling?

 WN> Hmmmmmmmmmm.....only h/p?

 MX> Well anything, but as long as it has *some* h/p, since I don't do warez.

 WN> Hmm... yeah. but I'm not in h/p anymore... I don't like this.. anyways...
 WN> I have been bbsing for about 6-7 years.. and I'm tired to be "stressed"
 WN> with all those fuck%*& things.. hehe.. when you phreak, you never know
 WN> when they'll decide to retrace you and catch you..

 MX> Hmm, I don't think so. I don't know anyone getting busted for *only* pbx
 MX> abuse. Anyways, would you have names/numbers to some 514 (or other) good
 MX> boards?

 WN> Hmm not really hehhe.. I don't know.. II can't remeber, since I run my
 WN> baord, I don't call bbses.. I'm programming also... it takes a lot of my
 WN> time... and then, I just finished my new cbv .. hehe!.. By the way, in
 WN> Quebec, there's a lot OF PEOPLE that possess a Call Retracer.. in our
 WN> home.. and imagine what kind of retracer the companies can use if we
 WN> have our own in our house hehehe. anyways..
 [ Yes, ok, take a valium. People get so nevous when under pressure. ]

 MX> Well we have clid here to. Anyways, I'll check the board out. See ya

 WN> Hmmmm....ok.. I'll let you go now.. But I'll need the computer in about
 WN> 10-15 minutes... ok?

 MX> ok, bye

 WN> bye

 -= White Ninja just kicked you! HAHA! =-  [ Haha. ]

 8<---CUT HERE----------------------------------------------------------------

 I juSt L0ve HOW DEEsE gUYs TRY To ImPRESS ld CAllerS Wit DErE lIES. WaNt
 anoThER oNE? ok, here'S ONe bEtWEEN me (UnDeR a FAke NAmE OF COuRSe) AnD
 AXL-ROSE (AKa DEATH). The weasON i CAlLeD hIS boARD, iS BeCauSe I rEAd DAt hE
 had A harD H/p QUEsTIoNNaIRe. alwaYS BEInG oNe tO See IF i cAn FiNd somethInG
 To fuRThER mY KNowleDGe, i ThOUght I'd SneAK a peEK At ThIS QUEsTionNAire. sO
 I apPlIed aS A 514 USEr, and He entEreD ChaT:

 8<---CUT HERE----------------------------------------------------------------

 AR: Axl-Rose
 MX: Mechanix

 AR> hey

 MX> yo

 AR> wait  ok are you using a wait ait a your a fuck up!
 [ Understand any of that? Me neither. ]

 MX> why?

 AR> the phone number

 MX> it's my beeper

 AR> Ahhhh!!!! Ok... just wandering are you into Hp
 [ Boy, these guys will fall for anything. I just gave out a beeper number I
   found in a scan, and he thought it was true. ]

 MX> yep, i thought this was a h/p board, yet no questionnaire
 [ Well finally, there wasen't any questionnaires to be found. Bummer. ]

 AR> It was now it a 0-5 warez mixed with hp files
 [ Oh no! Not another wares-h/p board. I hate those mixes. ]

 MX> But why no quiz? aren't you scared of lamers?

 AR> well i hade a major little quiz but not even the best were able to awser
 AR> it so i toke it off
 [ Considering he probably didn't know any of the answers, maybe this was a
   good idea. ]

 MX> still have it with you?

 AR> hmmm I don't know id have to look around

 MX> cause i'd like to see it. there aren't many i can't handle.

 AR> what Os's are you fluenbt in

 MX> unix, vms, primos and hpxxxx
 [ Ok, a little exagerated. I know unix and primos. I only know the basics of
   vms and hp3000. ]

 AR> Ahh! ok, hmmmm what's a red box and whaty are it's purpose
 [ Wo, take it easy, why so hard <g>. Who doesn't know this one? ]

 MX> tones to simulate coins in a payphone. but couldn't you u/l it to the
 MX> screen, let me buffer it. casuse i know a guy who would need one, and
 MX> he don't feel like writting it
 [ More lies from me. I'm telling you s.e. is the only way to get what you
   want. ]

 AR> i don't have it i'm using my head for ones hehhe what's a COSMOS

 MX> ok, well it's a computer system for mainframes... want to know how to use
 MX> it?

 AR> Well i work for Bell frames
 [ Here it comes. We're going to be swimming in it later. ]

 MX> you work for bell?

 AR> Yup, I work on the Call waiting frames
 [ I bet you he has no idea was he's talking about. ]

 MX> So you must be pretty good in phreaking, no?

 AR> Yes

 MX> Hmm, well I don't know much of the scene in 514, just got my modem back
 MX> after 6 months, but what are some of the better people/boards I could get
 MX> info off

 AR> I don't know i don't call boards anymore, i'm off the scenes for a while,
 AR> ask Fellgood

 MX> ok, any idea where to find him?

 AR> here or Wintermute Phalcon Skism

 MX> ok, cool. am i validated?

 AR> yeah

 MX> ok, thanks dude. Bye

 AR> LAter!

 Data Storm is now returning to the system

 8<---CUT HERE----------------------------------------------------------------

 -------*&^%$#@!!@#$%^&* K.K.K. : ThE k00l k0DEz klaN *&^%$#@!!@#$%^&*--------

     - part SyX - JaMes DAHaN:

    RemEmber JAMes DaHaN? NO? wElL lEt ME RefWesh youR meMORY. he's tHe l0SeR
 Who wrOte tHe fOLloWIng mesSAge ON a LOCaL bOaRd:

 8<---CUT HERE----------------------------------------------------------------

   Msg #: [30/51]                   Base: [PATCH] Comments & Stuff
   Date : Sat 25 Apr 1992  2:42a    Stat: Sent Local
   From : James Dahan
   To   : All
   Title: NuKE

   Guys,I am looking for information on those jerks,NuKE.I ain't a
   cop or anything,i am just part of a newly formed "vigalante"
   Corrupt Computer Underground Task Force.Their are to many stupid
   people around who,if they keep things up will get the whole
   Network Shut down.We are mainly going after Virus developers,
   Phreakers,Carders and Hackers.The Pirates we leave alone,so long
   as they don't Phreak.No doubt you guys have heard about The
   Notso Humble Babe and The Grim Reaper being nailed by the FBI.
   Those jerks were caught only because they were Phreaking. Of
   course they sang like canaries,and it's no wonder that 95 % of
   the WAREZ are coming out of Europe.They pretty much destroyed,
   although temporarily, the North American Underground. I have
   been assigned Montreal and Toronto by the FAT CAT. We are looking
   to give NuKE a taste of their own medicine. Let's just say there
   is a Worm waiting for RockSteady. I know Phrozen Virus logs on
   Devil's D. But i need to get on the inside.Any tips will be much

 8<---CUT HERE----------------------------------------------------------------

    ANYwAYs, I D0n't kNOW WHat fat CaT iS, BUT mr. jAMEs DAhAn IS up to HIS
 oLD trICkS AGAiN. IT seEMS He gOT A copY oF HDK001 (HiPpIe DIppy kLub IssUe
 #1), And trIeD to use da incLUDEd UseR lISt on a BOARd KAlled THE LAB. HE
 TrIEd tO use my (MECHANIX) anD ROCK STEADY's aCCouNTs, but THe PAsswoRds werE
 N0T dA SamE (nO KiDDIng). AnYwaYS, THe sYSOP Of tHIS BoArd Alerted Me, ANd
 gAVe ME tHE NuMbEr (FrOm calLeR iD) tHaT We EVenTuaLLY TrACED bacK aS beiNg
 Mr. JAmeS daHaN'S Data lInE. THis gUy ObVI0UsLy thouGHT I Was stILL nukE, BuT
 WhY W0ULd He l00K FOr uS at THE LAB? I HAVE mY OwN bOarD, aNd EVERYBody kNOWs
 dAT NDC was the HQ For nUKe aT Da tiME. so whY? guEss he'S A l0SeR, aND geT's
 InFormAtioN abOUt 6 mOnTHS LAte. aNYwayS, hEre'S M0Re INf0 tO HaVe PhUn WiTH.

 JAmes DaHAN - VOiCE: 681-9879 - EQUIppEd wIt CALLER Id, SO y0uSE A PBx
             - otheR: 681-2267

 I doN't Believe In REleAsiNG reaL INFo, BUT iF You Need hiS ADwESs (TO brinG
 Him FlOwERs) LOoK up iN tHE PHoNE BoOK UndeR DahAN maurICe. And DaHan, If
 your ReadiNg DIS, You waNt TO fUCK Wit My aCcoUnt, tAkE On a h/P CoMMUnIty,

 --!@#$%^&**&^%$#@! F0R a GO0D alLIanCE, kAll 1-800-ASS-HOLE !@#$%^&**&^%$#@!-

    TO ordER a wrItTEN tRANsCRIpT Of Dis fILe, SEnD a $50 chEck OR M0NEY
 OrDEr to:

    hippIe DipPY kLuB Fan kLub             ordER WitHin THe NeXt 3 MiNuTeS
    0110 DIsK DrIVe                        And Get A phREE List 0f m0nth old
    l0sER t0wN                             k0DEZ AND vMbZ! 0Ne TImE OFFeR.

    nO CODS. PLeAsE InCLuDE pROPeR KAPiTalIzATiOn. NO casH, NO cwedIT Kards
 (evEn iF yOuR 0Wn ;>). PLeAse ALLOw 6 tO 8 WEeks foR DEliVEry. You WiLL
 thR0W Up withIn 60 dAYs, OR GET a phuLL refUnD. PLeAsE alLOW 6 TO 8 dEcADeS
 for rEfUnd.


 ---*&^%$#@!!@#$%^&* WE m0RE E1YtE tHeN yOuZ, S0 youz SucK *&^%$#@!!@#$%^&*---

                      Released by TPR/The Phrozen Realm


                  "... Spirits damned to rot
                       amidst the brimstone fireballs.
                       Eyes of the dead
                       watching from their living walls.
                       Broken glass reflections
                       show your flesh eaten away.
                       Beyond the gates I'll take you
                       where the blood forever rains ..."

                              The Phrozen Realm
                         ... Getting even in '92 ...

                                 [(.) (.)]
                                 (   v   )
                                    " "
 ---07/13/92---------------- HDK #03 by Mechanix --------------------EOF------
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