[0] General Mail Msg # - 2666
To      : ALL
From    : T-FORCE
Subject : mann
Time    : 1:01:44 PM  09/08/1995
hi everybody, need a bit of help,

i need someone who has hacked the dvla computer so
they or myself can trace a vehilcle reg no. or
i need to trace a mobile phone numba to get a home
address the mobile numba is 0374 480853
if anybody can get me this info pairs will follow
also i would like to get this wankers ESN once i
do it will be CAINED!! to Th UpmOST! if ne1 can
help it would be appreciated!!!
please abuse the wanker on line!!!

[0] General Mail Msg # - 2670
To      : ALL
From    : PHANTASM
Subject : 2600
Time    : 5:59:25 PM  09/08/1995
I have added the 2600 Scotland and 2600 Bristol details to the
Bulletins/Text II menu. (select [J] from the main menu)

Phantasm (SysOp)

[0] General Mail Msg # - 2671
To      : ALL
From    : PHANTASM
Subject : NEW Uploads
Time    : 6:06:57 PM  09/08/1995
I have decided to remove the NEW Uploads file area in the near future.

Users are asked to upload files into the correct file area. This will
save me the task of moving 50-100 files every couple of months.

Phantasm (SysOp)

[0] General Mail Msg # - 2673
To      : ALL
From    : RTM
Subject : 2600 meetings in the se
Time    : 7:33:47 PM  09/08/1995
Is there any hackers/phreakers/techonolgy ... meetings in the s.e.
around romford.... ilford.. barking... any thing along these lines let
me know if not would any 1 be intrestred in getting something going ???
Let me know people....


[0] General Mail Msg # - 2677
To      : BULLY
Subject : bruno
Time    : 8:34:42 PM  09/08/1995
Did you read what Private Eye said about the press coverage from before
the fight, and how it changed afterwards?


[0] General Mail Msg # - 2682
To      : ALL
From    : PHANTASM
Subject : Sneakers
Time    : 3:08:44 PM  09/09/1995
I noticed that Sneakers is being shown on BBC1 at 9.30pm this Tuesday.

If you have not seen this film, watch it! It's from the same people who
did WarGames, but it is much better and very funny at times. (and it
doesn't even feature a wardialling accoustic coupler) <g>

Phantasm (SysOp)

[0] General Mail Msg # - 2683
To      : ALL
From    : NOMAD
Subject : red-boxing
Time    : 4:45:59 PM  09/09/1995
i dont know if anyone has seen the UK redboxing txt file, but
apparently it DOES work 100%!!!  its supposed to be tried, and tested.
does anyone with electronics knowledge know how to build one of these,
just for the 50p tones, which will also cover the 1quid tones..
ill up the file in the file area.

[0] General Mail Msg # - 2684
To      : ALL
From    : DAYDOG
Subject : post
Time    : 6:30:12 PM  09/09/1995
from    : ALEX MCLEAN                            number    : 4067 of
to      : ALL                                    date      : 07/09/1995
subject : hack                                   reference : none
read    : [n/a]                                  private   : no
conf    : 000 - public

I'm helping organise a UK hackers conference
next year, and am looking for potential speakers
and workshoppers.  The conference will have a
wide scope - linux activists, cryppies, hardware
hackers, packet radio amatuers, phreaks, network
explorers, programmers, security hackers, and all
other computer enthusiasts will be welcome.
So if you fancy giving a talk about any kind of
hackerish subject, *please* get in touch.  It'll
be zero-profit making, so there won't be any big
financial rewards, but it'll be darn good fun.
[Bex McLean <alex@forestbk.demon.co.uk>

[0] General Mail Msg # - 2686
To      : RTM
From    : DAYDOG
Subject : 2600 meets
Time    : 6:46:31 PM  09/09/1995
Last I heard SE 2600 meetings were held 3rd Saturday
after the 1st Friday of the month? @
The Roebuck Pub in Lewisham.


[0] General Mail Msg # - 2688
To      : PHANTASM
From    : SLAM-TILT
Subject : Sneakers
Time    : 9:35:05 PM  09/09/1995
Sneakers is OK, but they go a ** BIT ** OTT with what the De-Crypter
can do (Ie a scrambled ASCII mess, turning in a SuperVGA air traffic
control map :) .. And whistlers skill are just too good to be believed

[0] General Mail Msg # - 2691
To      : NOMAD
From    : IPX
Subject : red-boxing
Time    : 12:11:34 AM  09/10/1995
well there was an old trick thas stealth put inm *(excuse the typing i
am just back frrom the local gagain!) a text file...when u inset money
the operators heart beeps...if u get these beeps they wuill credit
u...so if u can record these beeops using whote box ort some shit
program like that on the old amiga or somthing then play it down the
phone when ucall the operator from a phone box and say that the phone
is broken and can they connect the call then they wil say put the moeny
in and then play the beeps i think 50p is 5 beeps...(not sure) but ask
some bt engineer like potsan...anyway toodle pip d00d


[0] General Mail Msg # - 2694
To      : SLAM-TILT
From    : MADMAT
Subject : Sneakers
Time    : 12:51:30 AM  09/10/1995
yea mate te incryption chip was te worsed bit...

[3] Computer Hacking Msg # - 2676
To      : ALL
From    : RTM
Subject : Barclays Barking
Time    : 7:40:41 PM  09/08/1995
If any one can be bothered to find out the number for barclays bank
barking.. dial 192 :)... i have the extension for the modem.. or so
I've been told by some bitch who werks there .. if you want the ext.
mail me.. i dont wanna post it in case of lamerz :)

[4] Phone Phreaking Msg # - 2669
To      : ZNOTE
Subject : 0141-220
Time    : 4:39:27 PM  09/08/1995
The reason your'e getting all those calls for the price of
a local is because thats a private BT GEC Network for Inter
Development and centre use only...I used to be able to
contact my man on the inside using that number at the
Software Development centre, but Im not surprised its gone
down...I did a scan of it, but theres nothing radically
interesting there anyway.

        I recognised the number prefix straight away...
I take it you got it from scanning or a dodgey BT bloke??
BTW, if you can be bothered, 0141-220-6XXX handles all
calls into and out of The Development Centre down near
Glasgow University Road, off Briars road. Its a big
fucking place, and thats some SERIOUS equipment they have
in there, like a SunOS system for each user and secretaries
using fucking Risc stations... My mouth was like round my
heels walking thru there.

PS : They put the bins out each Tuesday, and theyre collected
     as far as I know by a private firm.

        Keltic Phr0st

[4] Phone Phreaking Msg # - 2689
To      : NOMAD
Subject : UK Red Boxing
Time    : 10:24:51 PM  09/09/1995
Do you mean the file I wrote, or somebody elses? Im just asking,
cause I ordered all the technical specification docs for GECPT
Payphones today, and am gonna be building them into a terminal
Im currently writing (For use on the scoot, VERY small, but
quite powerful). BTW, if it is my one, dont bother uloading
it!! I made durn sure it were up here the minute I'd finished.
(AND on 1066...)
                Keltic Phr0st

 "If it's patented, it aint secure"

[5] Cellular Phreaking Msg # - 2672
To      : ALL
From    : RTM
Subject : p3 programing
Time    : 7:32:14 PM  09/08/1995
Does anyone know of the way to reprog the p3 off of the handset i
thought it was STO #69 or summit like that .. any replys appriciated..
its getting right on my tits :)

[5] Cellular Phreaking Msg # - 2687
To      : ALL
From    : FLASH
Subject : Motorola 8500X
Time    : 9:22:56 PM  09/09/1995
Right, I don't want to solder the wires on directly to the fone,
cos that will make it look a bit shit.  Also, it'll mean a lot
of fucking about to connect a modem to it.

I think the only other thing is to get one of those 'shoe' things
from car kits and stuff.  I should then be able to use one shoe
for reprogramming the fone and using a modem, if I make 2
different cables.

Now all I need is a shoe, where can I get one from, and how much
will they cost?

Ta, Flash.

[A] Data Encryption Msg # - 2690
To      : ALL
Subject : algorithms
Time    : 11:18:25 PM  09/09/1995
Does anyone have full details (ie ones I can implement from) for any
strong secret-key cypher apart from DES? I am planning a strong crypto
program to be written initially for PC in hand-hacked 8086 ASM for the
benefit of those on the hacking scene who are sceptical of DES and the
other widely distributed alogorithms. Alternatively, can someone point
me to good references?

Gotta do something in the year off.

[U] NEW Uploads Msg # - 2675
To      : ALL
From    : RTM
Subject : JOSE.PGP  [@] PGP Keys
Time    : 7:38:59 PM  09/08/1995
my pgp keys in there with keltics if any one wants it

[U] NEW Uploads Msg # - 2695
To      : ALL
From    : COLD FIRE
Subject : CFCIPHER.ZIP  [0] General
Time    : 2:16:07 AM  09/10/1995

                          C O L D  F I R E's

                      BT's CIPHER Job Recording

                              User Guide

What is cipher ??

Cipher is a paperless time recording system using the PSION P250
field terminal. CIPHER replaces the need for field staff to complete
paper records such as, the A1650 IMAP form and the PARIS 401/412 time

Job, Pay, and Allowances details are directly entered in to cipher by
the field technician, and stored in a removable datapak in the back of
the field terminal.

All of this is copied from the user guide, somebody had gotten hold
of one of these and wanted instructions to use it, so I thought I
might as well type up the user guide :) yeah, i know its kind of sad,
but I've nothing better to do :(

This really isn't of much use unless you have a P250 with CIPHER on
it though :(

I've uploaded it as cfcipher.zip to the general phile area


Cold Fire

[X] Warez Msg # - 2674
To      : ALL
From    : RTM
Subject : how much
Time    : 7:36:12 PM  09/08/1995
Has naybody downloaded the price list for the ghost.. blobby.. tango
warez disks off the board

Have you read the prices.. 70 quid for a rom.. what a load of bollocks
i get mine for 25 quid excatly the same.. and at the most expensive
where i live its 40.. 70 quids a fucking joke how much are others
paying for warez roms.. mail me and let me know....


[X] Warez Msg # - 2679
To      : KREW-L-T
Subject : Apples
Time    : 8:48:29 PM  09/08/1995
Well, there's three BBS packages, one carding program, two wardiallers
(can't get them to work though) about four or five C
compiler/assemblers and the greatest debugger in the world, barring
none (MacsBug 6.5d12). Much of the best software on the mac is free or
shareware, and commercial warez are lamely protected if at all.

Oh, and by the way, the 9500/132 with the yummy 604 CPU is just a mite


[X] Warez Msg # - 2680
To      : IPX
Subject : PowerMacs
Time    : 8:52:01 PM  09/08/1995
You can (and I do) use a PC modem (external) on a Mac. Only the cable
is different. The PowerMacs are pretty fast/reliable running 680x0
software. They kick major butt speedwise. Even a 25MHz '040 is
subjectively pretty fast in a mac (about like a DX4 in feel).

I think the Apple PC card only fits the 6100, but there may be
third-party cards for other models.


[X] Warez Msg # - 2681
To      : RTM
From    : PHANTASM
Subject : how much
Time    : 9:29:35 PM  09/08/1995
> Has naybody downloaded the price list for the ghost.. blobby.. tango
> warez disks off the board
> Have you read the prices.. 70 quid for a rom.. what a load of bollocks
> i get mine for 25 quid excatly the same.. and at the most expensive
> where i live its 40.. 70 quids a fucking joke how much are others
> paying for warez roms.. mail me and let me know....

I pay 35 pounds for mine, which is a fair price when you consider that
an Amiga CD-ROM can hold about 1,500 disks in .DMS format.

Anyone charging above 45 quid is a pirate in more sense than one. <g>

Phantasm (SysOp)

[X] Warez Msg # - 2692
To      : PHANTASM
From    : IPX
Subject : how much
Time    : 12:15:25 AM  09/10/1995
that is fucking lame....the most that i have seen for them is about 25
squid....that is fucking lame...people selling them at the price should
have the dicks cut off....


p.s if they are gettning the blank cds for 20 quid then ye fair enough
bt#ut no one gets them for theat price

[X] Warez Msg # - 2693
From    : IPX
Subject : PowerMacs
Time    : 12:16:48 AM  09/10/1995
ye but it would work out better getting a pc the price is better the
hardware for it is cheaper so it works out better,.unless u r a
milloinare...(  hmm