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<DIR>   text
         -> ROY-RZR5.ASC.cp437.txt.utf-8.txt
         -> ROY-CTXD.ASC.cp437.txt.utf-8.txt
         -> ROY-SDM2.ASC.cp437.txt.png (more in 'text'...)
<DIR>   vt100
         -> 4O-EDGE.ANS.cp437.vt100.html
         -> ROY-HID.ANS.cp437.vt100.html
         -> BCACID5.ANS.cp437.vt100.html (more in 'vt100'...)
<DIR>   vt100, how to
         -> How to make ansi by Def Leppard.cp437.vt100.rawscreen.gz.png
         -> Ascii Logo Shading Tutorial by Nootropic.cp437.vt100.html
         -> Ascii Logo Shading Tutorial by Nootropic.cp437.vt100.rawscreen.gz.png (more in 'vt100, how to'...)
<DIR>   vt100, unsorted
         -> globmail.cp437.vt100.html
         -> illegalcomp.cp437.vt100.rawscreen.gz.png
         -> logo_collection_4.iso8859-1.txt.utf-8.txt (more in 'vt100, unsorted'...)