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<DIR>   ..
<DIR>   Arithmetic
         -> amult.html
         -> Reciprocal Multiplication, a tutorial.html
<DIR>   As carried out by software
         -> The GNU instruction scheduler.html
<DIR>   Bit twiddling
         -> optimized_abs_function.htm
         -> countBits.html
         -> swar overview.htm (more in 'Bit twiddling'...)
<DIR>   C and C++
         -> CToAssemblyTranslation2.htm
         -> ComparingCPPAndCPerformance.htm
         -> ByteAlignmentAndOrdering.htm (more in 'C and C++'...)
<DIR>   For beginners
<DIR>   Gems
         -> gem0024.html
         -> gem0030.html
         -> gem000b.html (more in 'Gems'...)
<DIR>   Math
         -> sqroot.html