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<DIR>   ..
<DIR>   Artificial Intelligence
         -> An Evolutionary Algorithm that Constructs Recurrent Neural Networks.pdf
         -> C-Star Algorithm For Andor Tree Search And Its Application To A Tsume-Shogi.pdf
         -> A Genetic Algorithm for the Induction of Natural Language Grammars.pdf (more in 'Artificial Intelligence'...)
<DIR>   Distributed Hash Table, Kamdemlia
         -> Implementation of the Kademlia Distributed Hash Table (2006,Bruno Spori,35p) [DHT].pdf
         -> html
<DIR>   Encryption and data integrity
         -> Fast Architectures For Fpga-Based Implementation Of Rsa Encryption Algorithm.pdf
         -> Decoding Low-Density Parity Check Codes with Normalized APP-Based Algorithm.pdf
<DIR>   Fuzzy logic
         -> Introduction to Fuzzy Logic Control with Application to Mobile Robotics.pdf
<DIR>   Games
         -> Sudoku
<DIR>   General
         -> html, hakmem
         -> PostScript
         -> chm (more in 'General'...)
<DIR>   Graphics
         -> html
         -> pdf
         -> text (more in 'Graphics'...)
<DIR>   Machine vision
         -> Machine Vision - Algorithm Implementation.pdf
<DIR>   Math
<DIR>   Optimization
         -> source
         -> misc, adiv
         -> html (more in 'Optimization'...)
         -> html
<DIR>   Sorting
         -> PostScript
         -> pdf
<DIR>   Speech processing
FILE    Using genetic algorithms for Data Mining Optimization in an Educational Web-based system by Behrouz Minaei-Bigdoli.pdf (238.958KB)